Welcome to baliabc, where we make it our agenda to make your holiday or business visit to Hamburg a wonderful experience. We cover various issues, like how to make sure that you get amazing and affordable accommodation arrangements that you will look forward to after either a hard day’s work or a strenuous city tour.

Surely you have heard that one of the most fun activities to engage in while in Hamburg is a boat ride. That is why we also provide you with amazing tips on renting power boats and sailing cruises in Hamburg. We want you to have a great time and we have dedicated all our efforts in providing you with useful information, tricks and tips to ensure that you have an exhilarating stay in Hamburg.

Finding the best accommodation in Hamburg

This section provides you with useful tips on how to get good parking in Hamburg. It covers issues such as how to get one of the best and affordable hotels in Hamburg. If you intend to stay for long and are looking for more permanent accommodation arrangements we give you some tips on how to get a good estate agent. In case you may not have money to get an estate agent then we provide you with tips on how to get a good apartment rental.

Aside from the above tips, we also inform on how to save money and time by pre-booking accommodation during touristic low-seasons, as well as how to budget for your stay in Hamburg. So welcome aboard as we dig more into these tips.

Finding ideal accommodation in Hamburg

The first section covered a general overview on various kinds of accommodation arrangements in Hamburg. In this section we dive into the details of confirming whether the accommodation arrangement you chose is functional. Here we cover issues like budgeting for your accommodation .

We also show you how pricing works and that at times you might pay a lot of money for accommodation but never utilize some of the amenities provided by the hotel. We have solutions for people that prefer cooking for themselves or for those who are okay with hotel food. After getting a hotel, we walk you through the process of making sure that everything that you were promised is working as it should. This prevents you from getting some nasty surprises, like being forced to take a cold shower because the boiler is not working.

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