How to Get Involved in a Sailing Cruise in Hamburg

Whenever you visit the German city of Hamburg, there is one activity which you should not miss from your bucket list; a sailing cruise. Whether you are travelling solo or as a group, a trip through the beautiful waters of the port city is one great way to create a memorable experience.

But just how do you go about it?

Rent a Powerboat

If you have travelled to the city as a group, it is only logical that you will be going around together. It makes both economic and social sense, therefore, to grab a boat of your own and use it for touring the Hamburg waters.

Numerous agencies specialise in renting out powerboats. Hiring costs can be quite reasonable, depending on the actual size of the boat and the amount of time you want to use it.

Hop onto a Boat Tour

When travelling alone, it makes more sense to go on a trip with other solo travellers or small groups. These could be people you are sharing your residence with or total strangers. This idea offers you a great chance to meet and interact with new people.

Whichever model you choose, it is essential to have a guide on board, even if you are an experienced sailor. The guide not only makes the cruise safer but also becomes a great resource in terms of answering questions and giving descriptions of the various things to be seen when cruising. Additionally, and this is seriously important in the modern day, the guide takes your photos, so everyone can appear on the group photo!

Where to Go

There are several places to visit when cruising Hamburg:

  • Lake Alster

This is the most popular cruising location both for local and visiting tourists. The water is calm and offers a quiet time out in the open. It also gives a magnificent view of the city and aquatic life.

  • The Elbe River

This river joins the port at its mouth and is just wondrous in size. The sunset when on a cruise is particularly spectacular, as is the view of the city’s built up environment from down below.