AirBnB is now a popular accommodation option for travellers in most cities round the world and Hamburg is no exception. If you are coming to Hamburg for business or personal reasons, you might choose to put up in AirBnB for several reasons such as the cheaper price compared to a hotel. If it’s your first time in Hamburg, here is what to look for in a suitable AirBnB.


When searching for AirBnB accommodation, filter the search to a location that is most convenient for you. If you have an early morning appointment in the City centre, you may need to settle for a facility that is conveniently located so you won’t be caught up in the Hamburg morning rush hour.

Compliance Issues

AirBnB has been in the news for some bad reasons. However, hosts have in most cases been the reason for the spotlight. Before booking an AirBnB room, ensure that they have the license to operate. This will give you confidence that you are dealing with the legit hosts. Also check up online reviews for any red flags.


Check that all the amenities you require are in place. If you need to catch with colleagues at work, ensure the facility has stable internet connectivity. You will also need connectivity to catch up with the games on as you relax after a long day out and about in Hamburg.

House Rules

How does the AirBnB hosts like their guests to carry themselves? This is an important factor to consider as it will determine the level of your satisfaction. Check whether pets are allowed, whether alcohol is sold or whether smoking is permissible.

Cancellation Rules

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you may be forced to call off your holiday or trip. Postponing your travel also means cancelling your AirBnB booking. Understand the cancellation policy and book facilities that allow flexible cancellation or that which refunds full or partial payment.